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A Supervisory Training System for the Mining Industry that "Works"

Several years ago we became involved in an in-depth project to measure the effectiveness of management/supervisory training programs in mining and mining-related companies. The project involved thirty-five companies and seventy-two operations (mines and plants) whose management teams had recently completed extensive management development programs. The objectives of the project were twofold:  1. To determine the actual impact that training programs had on productivity, safety and costs, and  2. To develop methods to improve the effectiveness of future management development programs.

We were surprised and disappointed to find that, for the most part, supervisory development programs had little or no lasting impact on productivity, safety and costs. They may improve employee relations and communications in the short term, but their impact on the bottom line is minimal.

Shortly after that, another revealing study determined the actual "bottom line" difference between a "above average" supervisor and an "below average" supervisor in the mining industry. This effort focused on the supervisory practices and performance results of over 500 front-line supervisors and the conclusions were eye opening. The difference between a good supervisor and an average supervisor in a typical mining operation was found to be more than $1,000,000 per year for the company's bottom line.

In today's mining industry, it is increasingly apparent that a new approach is needed in order to dramatically impact performance. It is also very obvious that our front-line supervisors have to be the key players in this new approach. From this background -- Take Charge was developed.


TAKE CHARGE is a dramatic departure from traditional supervisory training efforts. Unlike other programs, Take Charge emphasizes results rather than the classroom process. In other words, the Take Charge skills and tools translate themselves into measurable performance improvement in an amazingly short period of time.

After each compact skills unit is presented to your management team, they are required to go back to their jobs and apply these skills.

Through our performance measurement tools, the degree of success that each supervisor achieves is identified and evaluated. Those supervisors having difficulty will receive required coaching and counseling. Your supervisors are collectively and individually held accountable to improve their performance. Monthly follow-up sessions are an integral part of Take Charge. These consist of group meetings and one-on-one on-the-job follow up with individual supervisors. As you can see, unlike most supervisory training programs, Take Charge doesn't end when the classroom training ends -- IT STARTS.


Take Charge is the only supervisory training program that guarantees measurable results in the form of productivity gains, cost reductions and improved safety. Here's why Take Charge "works":

First of all, it is not a generic program with hypothetical cases and examples -- it is tailored and focused on the needs of your operation and your supervisors.

Your supervisors are equipped with effective skills and tools -- especially in the big payback areas such as Planning, Delegating, Disciplining, Motivation, Accountability, Problem Identification, Decision-making and Communication.

Each supervisor commits to specific performance gains in his or her area of responsibility. Your supervisors are held individually and collectively accountable for the performance gains to which they have committed.

Take Charge develops indicators that recognize and measure the performance of your individual supervisors and your management team as a whole. Monthly follow-up training/progress meetings provide the vehicle to keep your supervisory training program highly energized. These meetings become your monthly management "report card" because each supervisor reports on his or her performance and progress during the past month, compared to their commitments.

Take Charge "works" because it mobilizes your entire management team to address performance problems (productivity, safety, cost, etc.) and holds them accountable for achieving established and agreed upon objectives.

An additional advantage is the opportunity to benchmark the performance of your mining operations to other similar mines throughout the United States and Canada. Not only can we benchmark many types of performance, but we also have a built a large database of management practices throughout the industry. These practices obviously have a direct effect on performance.


In the past, industry has turned to equipment modernization and size to gain the productivity improvements required to remain competitive. It is our opinion that many companies are rapidly reaching a point where technological improvements can no longer be counted on to provide future performance gains. We must look elsewhere.

The biggest opportunity we see for future productivity gains is in the improvement of the performance of our people -- both management and work force.

When it is determined that new or different equipment should be purchased, we normally go through a process of justification. In other words, what will be the productivity gain or return on our investment. With this in mind, we think an investment in TAKE CHARGE SUPERVISION should be and can be justified in the same way as a capital expenditure. We would like to help you in this process.


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