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The Most Effective Performance Improvement System Ever Developed for the Mining Industry

Our vast experience in the mining industry has allowed us to develop an outstanding system to enhance your profitability. It is called the ACCOUNTABILITY CHECKPOINT TECHNIQUE (A.C.T.) system. The A.C.T. system develops dozens of unique indicators that recognize and measure the performance of your entire management team and work force. These key indicators become the basis for establishing departmental goals as well as providing meaningful and objective performance measurement. In a nutshell, A.C.T. mobilizes your entire staff and work force to address performance problems and holds them collectively and individually accountable for achieving established and agreed upon objectives. Over twenty-five "performance improvement tools" developed by EDI during our experience working with over 500 mines in the past 40 years are an integral part of A.C.T.


It's very easy to answer this question. A.C.T. targets the identification and elimination of counter-productive variables throughout the company. In our opinion, no other industry is plagued by as many variables as the mining industry.

Consider the following:

*During the course of a single shift, supervisors and workers must deal with literally hundreds of problems or variables. Each one of these "little problems" may have only a minute affect on performance (1/4 of 1%, 1/2 of 1%, etc.), but collectively, they represent a potentially large loss. Compare this to manufacturing-type industries where the potential for variation is much more limited.

*Performance (productivity and cost) in the mining industry is a direct result of equipment availability and utilization. Granted, the performance of all modern industries is directly dependent on equipment and machinery, but here we part company with the manufacturing-type industries. The type of equipment, the conditions under which it must be operated, the circumstances under which it must be maintained and repaired are dramatically different. Again, we are dealing with hundreds of variables that affect availability and utilization.

*Very few other industries are as dependent on so many suppliers and vendors as the mining industry. As a result, our performance is directly affected by the quality of service, parts and supplies provided by our vendors. Again -- many more variables.

*Many other forces influence our industry and contribute numerous additional variables that must be identified and minimized. In a typical mining operation, 40%-60% of the work force and supervision are in support or staff roles. Various support departments such as engineering, maintenance, safety, purchasing, warehouse, accounting, administration, and human resources play a major role in the big picture. They also highlight the need for individuals to know the purpose of the organization and how their job fits that purpose.

*No other industry is more dependent on teamwork, cooperation, and communication than the mining industry.

*Throw in the variables that affect performance in processing, milling, crushing and recovery of our product and the picture becomes even more clear.


The Centerpiece of the ACCOUNTABILITY CHECKPOINT TECHNIQUE system is a process called True Cause Tracking.


A.C.T. works quickly and the results are sustainable because it focuses on front line foremen (maintenance and production) and workers (equipment operators and mechanics). In other words, the accountability is at the level where these correctable causes originate.

Within thirty days after implementation, A.C.T. will develop a meaningful picture. It will be obvious what your performance correctable problems are and what actions need to be taken to address these problems. The corrective actions are planned and implemented within specific accountabilities and time frames. Specific measurable goals are established by your management team and workers and communicated throughout the mine. To maximize communication and motivation of all concerned (especially foremen and workers), results are tracked on a daily basis and made available through charts, graphs, memos and crew meetings. Because of this daily tracking, you are able to measure the effectiveness of the A.C.T. system at all times.

In the words of an initially skeptical mine foreman -- "IT CAN'T NOT WORK".

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