TAKE CHARGE Supervisory Training System
Accountability Checkpoint Technique
True Cause Tracking
World Class Safety

"We have implemented the TAKE CHARGE SUPERVISORY TRAINING SYSTEM at all seven of our mines. We are excited about it because it uses our front line supervisors and hourly employees to focus on mechanical and operational delays. We targeted a 10% to 15% performance gain and we are getting it already."
President - Surface & Underground Coal Mines

"Throughout our company, TAKE CHARGE SUPERVISORY TRAINING is the process that equips mine management with the knowledge and skills to identify ROOT CAUSES of performance losses. TCT then establishes accountability for the development and implementation of specific actions to reduce or eliminate performance losses."
President - Three Underground Mines

"I can tell you that TAKE CHARGE helped our mine tremendously. It identified many areas where the mine could improve from a productivity standpoint."
V.P. Operations - Large Surface Mine

"TAKE CHARGE SUPERVISORY TRAINING is a tool that allows managers to focus on problems that ordinarily would be lost in the day-to-day shuffle."
General Manager - Company Operations with Underground and Surface Mines

"Simply said, it's The Endless Pursuit of Why."
V.P. Technical Services - Coal Company

"You can't fix problems unless you REALLY look at them. TAKE CHARGE is a tool that identifies the root cause of problems."
General Manager - Underground Mine

"TAKE CHARGE SUPERVISORY TRAINING is so effective in improving performance, we implemented it, not only in all our mines, but also in our corporate headquarters."
V.P. of Operations - Coal Holding Company

"We were suffering from problems facing many mining companies... difficult conditions and maintenance problems. There was a serious rift between front-line supervisors and upper management because of little or no communication between management levels. Within seven months after implementing TAKE CHARGE our productivity increased 21%. Also, our federal and state violations have decreased and our safety record has improved."
Superintendent - Eastern Mine Operation

"We saw the results within sixty days and within 8 months, our productivity increased 28%."
Division Manager - Southern WV Mine

"In the past we have not done a very good job of capturing associated costs related to operational and mechanical delays. I can tell you that TAKE CHARGE has allowed us to accomplish that -- quantifying the results was staggering."
General Manager - Western Surface Mine

"By far the best approach I've ever seen for improving performance in a mining operation."
President - Surface Mine

"This is by far the best conference I have ever attended -- it's not b.s. like most other conferences."
Vice President Operations - Materials Company

"A.C.T. provides the vehicle and the needed tools to achieve performance gains. Other programs we've looked at are all training and rhetoric."
General Manager - Underground Coal Operations

"I can't believe it. Finally we have a process that focuses on the mining industry. I hope our competition doesn't know about this."
Vice President of Operations - Underground Mine

"We've examined numerous Productivity Improvement approaches and this is by far the best we've seen."
Human Resources Manager - Surface Mine






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